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Mission is to open Ukraine for employers of all continents.
The need for qualified personnel is an urgent issue of our time. The lack of human resources forces employers to seek personnel outside their own country. Turning their attention to Ukraine, they can count on the successful resolution of their cases. Trusting us with recruitment, You will be satisfied with our cooperation.
Hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, beauty salons, medical clinics, construction companies and other employers are in need of constant recruitment. We will provide a sufficient number of CVs so that you select the best employees for your business. Own school of English, allows us to prepare candidates with the necessary experience efficiently.
If your business depends on seasonal factors and you are interested in constant cyclical recruitment of employees, we will organize this process. Provide clear requirements for skills, terms and number of employees, and we will develop and conduct a special campaign tailored to your needs and solve the problem. We will do our best to be trusted and dealt with for repetitive business.
The fulfillment of the request for one or more highly qualified specialists is one of the frequent variants of our work.  A tailor in the Fashion House, agronomist in the agricultural sphere, IT specialist, middle / high-level manager in a large financial or trading company or other similar request will be fulfilled within the time arranged. We will analyze the situation in the sphere of your activity, form a strategy and find the necessary specialist.
  • сколько человек в нашей базе
  • сколько человек мы отправляем ежемесячно
  • где они работают – громкие имена наших партнеров (Hilton, турецкие отели, продев?)
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